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Laterally Loaded Pile (p-y curves)
b = m Pile Information & Layout Ny = m Nx = Sx = Sy = m
Spreadsheet for Pile Group with Battered Pile Laterally Loaded Pile (p-y curves)mmy =
Relative Density of Sand Loose Medium Dense
Kpy for submerged sand (MN/m3)5.416.334.0
Kpy for sand above water(MN/m3)6.824.461.0
Representative Values of K py for Clays
Average Undrained Shear Strength (kPa) 50 - 100 200 - 300 300 - 400
Kpy for static loading (MN/m3)135270540
Kpy for cyclic loading (MN/m3)55110540
Pile Location Iy = Ix =
Type of Soil
Soil Information c = e 50 = kPa g = kN/m3 Kpy = MN/m3 m z =

You can get p-y curve (p - loading on one unit of pile length, y - lateral displacement) for the soil at the depth (z) from ground for one particular pile in one pile group,

For stiff clay with or without free water, undrained shear strength (c) should be the average undrained shear strength over the depth (z).

For pile group reduction factors, it is assumed that the loading on all piles are the same.

krm = a constant ranging from 0.00005 to 0.0005 for weak rocks.

The pile group reduction factor for the specified pile(fm) is incorporated in the p-y curve.

The initial part of p-y curve:     p = fm.Kpy.z.y

Reese L. C., Isenhower W. M., Wang S. T. Analysis and Design of Shallow and Deep Foundations, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Review ReportRepresentative Values of K py for SandsRepresentative Values of e50 for Clays
Consistency of Clay Undrained Shear Strength (kPa) e50
Very soft>120.02
Very Stiff96-1920.005