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Hydraulics for Pipe
Armtec Pipe Assistant For structural strength of corrugated steel pipe, check PipePac For structural strength of concrete pipe , check For hydraulic culvert design, check Chow, Ven Te. Open-Channel Hydraulics   McGraw-Hill Book Company. New York Reference: Hydraulics for Pipe
Information % D = m n = Q = L = ki = m ko = s = m3/Sec.
  Review ReportRoughness Coefficient for Closed Sewers
Polyvinyl chloride pipe0.01
ductile iron0.013
cast iron0.013
cement lined pipe0.015
concrete pipe0.013
vitrified clay pipe0.013
fiberglass reinforced plastic0.01
corrugated metal pipe0.024
HDPE, smooth interior0.01
HDPE,corrugated interior(4-6 in)0.015
HDPE,corrugated interior(8 in)0.016
HDPE,corrugated interior(10 in)0.017
HDPE,corrugated interior(12-15 in)0.018
HDPE,corrugated interior(18-24 in)0.02