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T , Y, X Connections with Square Chord
Forces in Chord Member Nf0 = kN Mf0 = kN.m
Review Report
Web Member Capacity kN
Web Member b1 = mm t1 = mm
Chord Member b0 = mm t0 = mm
General Information Fy = MPa j = fr =
J.A. Packer, J.E. Henderson, Hollow Structural Section Connections and Trusses - A Design Guide Reference: T, Y , X Connections with Square Chord Notes: Flange Plate Reinforcement: Bp - nearly the flat width of the chord face, Lp - length of reinforcement plate if web member under tension: Lp >= b1/sin(j) +[ Bp (Bp - b1) ]; if under compression, full strength connection can be satisfied as following: Lp >= 2 b0, tp >= 4 t1 - t0 Weld throat size >= wall thickness of the adjacent web members Recheck Nri = Fyp. tp2 [ 2 np / sin(j) + 4 (1 -bp)0.5 ] / [(1 -bp). sin(j) ], bp = b1/Bp <= 0.85, np = b1/Bp Drill a small hole in the stiffening plate under a web member to allow entrapped air to escape prior to closing the weld. This will prevent the expanding heated air from causing voids in the closing weld Side Plate Reinforcement: Bp - at least the height of the chord, Lp - length of reinforcement plate Lp >= 1.5 b1/sin(j) Recheck side wall shear failure by replacing t0 with t0+tp