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Anchor Bolts
b = in. L = Pedestal h = in. in.
For the cases of anchors in an application with three or four egdes with the largest edge distance, C max <= 1.5 hef, Effecitve embedment: hef0 <= Cmax/1.5 and >= SL/3 and >= Sb/3 Anchor Bolt Design (Cast-in Headed Bolts)
Shear Direction
Condition B applies where such supplementary reinforcement is not provided or where pullout or pryout strength governsCondition A applies where the potential concrete failure surfaces are crossed by supplementary reinforcement proportioned to tie the potential concrete failure prism into the structure member
Shear Breakout Mode
Concrete f'c = ksi
Capacities of Bolts kips kips Vr = Tr =
Review Report
Factored Loading kips kips Vu = Tu =
in. hef = Bolts db = in. futa = ksi SL = in. Sb = in. n = in. dw = hef0 = in.