Dynamic Foundation Analysis and Design


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  Operating System
    Windows®  7  /8  /10

  • DynaFAD is a standalone software for dynamic foundation analysis and design
  • DynaFAD Calculates foundation properties, CG, eccentricity of footing base
  • DynaFAD visual-checks your input
  • DynaFAD assists you to prepare the input file of other software
  • DynaFAD can read the output file of other software, check industrial design criteria
  • With DynaFAD, no manual work is required for dynamic analysis and design
  • Tools for preparing Stiffness, Damping, and Force Functions for SAP2000 Steady State Analysis

  • File:
       New, Open, Save, Save As, Exit
  • Input:
       Setting, Block&Mass, Foundation, Soil Profile, Loading, Resultant Points
  • View:
       Block, Mass, Loading, Pile Layout, Soil Profile, Resultant Points
  • Tools:
       Unbalanced Force, Section Properties, Transmissibility
  • Run:
       Export, Internal Report, Time-History
  • Post:
       Import, Graph of Amplitude, Criteria Check
  • Help:
       Help, About



For questions and license, please contact: License:
One license fee: CAD$ 500.00 or equivalent


Please go to: Contact
Is there an expiration of the program?

No expiration for DynaFAD.
DynaFAD is standalone software, after you get the license,you can install DynaFAD.exe in your computer and use it forever.
DynaFAD is different from WebCivil, which is online software.

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