License by Points
You can get the license by points. One Point means one time clicking on button Appy of one tool, the price of one point is CAD $1.00 (US $1.00)

If you want to get credit of 10 points, please input 10 for quantity and 1.00 for item price in PayPal

One time license with less than $20.0 is not acceptable

You can check balance of credit points at the web page of Log Out.

Tools with (*) are free and not applicable.

Pay by Canadian Currency (by Points)

Pay by US Currency (by Points)
License by Year:
For one licensed year with 600 points, the price is CAD $228.00 (or US $228.00)

If you want more points and unlimited access for one licensed year, please contact us.

The license will expire if no balance of credit points left or at the end of licensed year, whichever comes first

Pay by Canadian Currency (By Years)

Pay by US Currency (By Years)
Pay through mail:
Please mail cheque or money order to:     Setford Consulting & Technology Ltd.

for address, please go to: Contact
About PayPal
Why was my credit card denied by PayPal?

If you pay through PayPal, we will receive notification email from PayPal automatically after your payment

When we get your payment, we will set up the user database for you and email you the receipt and contract, when you get the email, you can use webcivil accordingly.

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